Tuesday, September 25, 2007

St. Gregory of Nyssa

Please read Pope Benedict's catechetical essay on St. Gregory, as well as the writing in your text.
1. Very early on, Gregory compares being a Christian to being a doctor, a politician, mathematician, etc. and says that just as these professions require an education, so to does being a Christian. Do you think that we really must have some level of education before we can call ourselves Christian? Explain.
2. What do you make of the "dancing monkey" illustration? We live in a society that largely calls itself "Christian" and yet we persist in crime, violence, injustice, and vice. Are we any more than dancing monkeys?
3. Gregory writes that to unite ourselves to Christ means to share in the "lofty ideals" that are used to describe him. Does this mean that if we do not assume the noble virtues in our character that we are not truly united to Christ? Compare the meaning of this segment to the discussion we had about the Ascension a few weeks ago. (Why did Jesus have to ascend?)
4. How does Gregory assert that Christianity "returns" man to his former or original state?
5. What reason does Gregory give (on the top half of pg. 64) for us being accurate imitators of the Divine?
I'll be posting some more later, but right now I'm caught up in part three of the Ken Burns' World War II documentary on PBS.
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Josh said...
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Josh said...

Mr. Basso, I hope you enjoyed watching the dancing monkeys fight in a war....or well I guess not all of them are monkeys, but chances are there is at least one...