Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heresy Parade

We are nearing the end of a study of a crucial era in our Church's history - the formation of Christology (that is, our belief about the identity and nature of Jesus).

Most of the early heresies were Christological in nature and were resolved largely at the Councils of Nicea, Constantinople, and Chalcedon (325, 381, 451 respectively).

Homework: identify, through independent research, the following heresies. Know who the proponents (leaders) and opponents were, the era (decades) in which it was most popular, and the regions in which it was strongest.

Modalism / Monarchianism / Sabelianism

That will do for now. Who knew there were so many wrong ways to understand Jesus?!

Mr. B


natalie said...

do you have a site that might give us the information on these because google reall isn't giving me anything.

Anonymous said...
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Paul said...

Mr. Basso said...

While the website that Paul references does indeed give succint definitions of some heresies, I strongly advise you to avoid this page. It is from a Protestant, strongly anti-Catholic point of view.

Use the Catholic Encyclopedia - the link is on the class website (
Ad Jesum Per Mariam,
Mr. B

Josh said...

Ok, thanks Mr. Basso....I was having issues finding some of them on that site....although most of them appear to come from the same place.....

Josh said...
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Josh said...


is a lot more clear and easy to follow than the new advent, although I do not know if this site is like paul's.

Josh said...

Yeah, I definitely think that you have to be a pope or theologian, or religious scholar to get a whole lot out of the Catholic Encyclopedia because it is VERY vague....I am very confused???

Mr. Basso said...

O.K., dear scholars, I realize that New Advent is rather dense theological reading. If you really need a cliff notes view of heresies to get you started, check out

You'll have to get over the fact that it lists Protestantism as a heresy .

Still, this will not give you all the info you need, it's just a starting point.

Anonymous said...

Also try this site:

John said...

Wow, Josh, you really enjoy commenting.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't?